The Ecology Action Centre, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, and the Green Horse Society—promoting stewardship of the natural and cultural heritage of Sable Island


Beginning in early 2000, the Ecology Action Centre (EAC) played a significant role in the successful campaign to maintain the human presence on Sable Island—it continues to be an important advocate for the island and the station.


With the January 2010 announcement that Sable would be considered for a National Park designation, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) joined EAC and the Friends of the Green Horse Society in promoting effective long-term stewardship for the island.


As Parks Canada develops a management plan for Sable, everyone—the general public as well as individuals and organizations involved with Sable programs—will have an opportunity to comment and participate. While National Park status is a positive development, there are still many questions and possible concerns regarding future management and funding for both the island and the station.


EAC and CPAWS continue to take the lead in advocacy and public awareness programs, and can be trusted to address issues with expertise, commitment, and integrity. Although both are involved in a broad range of environmental and conservation issues beyond Sable, these citizens’ organizations competently and reliably represent the public interest in Sable Island.


The Green Horse Society greatly appreciates the interest and efforts of EAC and CPAWS, and we suggest that anyone concerned about Sable and wishing to make a contribution in support of stewardship of the island’s natural and cultural heritage, should please make a donation to EAC or CPAWS, become a member, and/or a volunteer. Thanks!  (May 1st, 2011)


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