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Partners in promoting stewardship of the natural and cultural heritage of Sable Island.
The Ecology Action Centre, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society,
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For information about visiting Sable Island, visit Parks Canada

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Reviews — Books, Films, News Media (November 2007, updated January 2013)
Sable Island has been represented in some very good work by journalists, academics, creative writers, documentary filmmakers, and visual artists. For people less familiar with the island and its issues, it can be difficult to sort through, to know which are reliable sources of information, discussion, and impressions. This page presents reviews on selected items, and will highlight credible, thoughtful, and interesting material, as well as identifying questionable, inaccurate, and otherwise disappointing works.

Sealift 2012, Dominion Diving delivers cargo to Sable Island (October 2012)
With the Canadian Coast Guard no longer providing ship support for the island, various Sable Island operators are investigating alternatives. In 2012, Dominion Diving, based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, was contracted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada to deliver supplies (mostly fuel and vehicles) required by the group conducting research on Grey Seals. After an 18-hour sail from Country Harbour, the vessels arrived at Sable Island on the evening of October 18th.

Sable Island Connections (May 2009, updated September 2012)
The Sable Island community is comprised of a wide range of agencies and individuals, personalities and concerns—celebrities, scientists, artists, the media, industry personnel, government employees, and private citizens who have visited the island. But this community would be rather small if it weren’t for the keen interest and participation of all the others who have not visited the island but nevertheless care deeply about it. This page presents perspectives from some of these individuals.

Elsie's story, a child's life on Sable Island in the early 1900s (July 2012)
Elsie’s father Walter Blank worked as a farmer, wireless operator, lighthouse keeper, and master of a lifesaving station on Sable Island. Walter and his family—wife Blanche and five children—lived on the island for about 14 years. Elsie was two years old when she arrived on Sable. In 1988 she recorded memories of her childhood, and this transcript of Elsie’s account has been contributed by her family.


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